Ping Access for #AzureAD is now Generally Available

  Here I am again in an airport lounge, waiting to catch my flight to Athens, Greece, where I should start delivering tomorrow another MCSA Windows Server 2016 Bundle Course. This one will be delivered in Greek, but if you’re interested, we can deliver courses in English. Anyway, I thought that I could write a […]

PingAccess for #AzureAD: The public preview is being deployed

  Back in September I blogged about a new great partnership of Azure AD and PingAccess, in order to support new kinds of 0n-premises applications. You can take a look at blog post here: Starting from March 22nd, the Azure AD team is happy to announce that PingAccess for Azure AD is being deployed […]

#AzureAD and PingAccess: a new great partnership for secure web app access

  Today Microsoft announced the partnership with Ping Identity, in order to give secure access to our on-premises web applications through the Azure AD Application Proxy and PingAccess. In a previous blog post I’ve presented Azure AD Application Proxy (you can see the video of the presentation in Greek here) and you should remember that […]

Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant presents #AzureAD as a leader for Access Management

Well, some of you may not really know who Gartner is, and why this “Magic Quadrant” is so important. Just to clarify a few things, I’ll copy some information from Wikipedia: “The Magic Quadrant (MQ) are a series of market research reports published by the United States research and advisory firm, Gartner, which aim to […]

More new 3rd party apps to the #AzureAD App Gallery

It’s really amazing that if you use Azure AD, you have the option to use more than 3000 3rd party apps. As the Azure AD Team says, these apps are the most popular and fastest growing capabilities in Azure AD. But wait, there is more: it seems that they keep adding applications every single day […]

Δημοσίευση στο Springboard Newsletter

Όσοι δεν έχετε εγγραφεί για να το λαμβάνετε, εγγραφείτε διότι το SpringBoard ασχολείται με τα πολυαναμενόμενα Windows 7. Στο πρόσφατο newsletter υπάρχει άρθρο ενός από τους moderators του AutoExec.Gr. Ξέρετε τι μου αρέσει περισσότερο; Ότι σε αυτό το newsletter που το παίρνει όλος ο πλανήτης, αναφέρονται οι λέξεις: «Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece»: Sign up for this […]