Azure AD B2C custom policies to build-your-own identity methods is in general availability

A few days ago the Azure AD product group has announced the general availability of the Identity Experience Framework and custom policy support in Azure Active Directory B2C. That really means that you can use your own identity frameworks to use the identity technology of your choice and interoperate with multiple identity providers.

With the release of custom policies in Azure Active Directory B2C you can now customize your identity experience for clients and partners. Do not forget to take a look at this article here: Get started with custom policies in Azure Active Directory B2C

There is also an upcoming webinar that you cannot miss it, Sign up for the webinar on April 18th: Connect more effectively with customers using Azure Active Directory B2C.

There have been many customers and partners that already use today Azure AD B2C and one of them is Subway, a leading restaurant in the US and elsewhere. They managed to migrate their customers seamlessly without changing passwords from an old, identity solution into Azure Active Directory B2C. By upgrading customer identity, Subway customers can connect through their mobile native application and take better advantage of their loyalty program:



This new technology is a Microsoft-patented technology called the Identity Experience Framework. Some of the features that are included are:

  • Author and upload your own user identity journey using custom policies.
  • Federate with OpenIDConnect (e.g. Azure Active Directory multitenant, social account providers, two-factor authentication providers).
  • Federate with SAML 2.0 providers (e.g. ADFS, Salesforce, Shibboleth).


The best way to get familiarized is to take a look here Solutions and Training for Azure Active Directory B2C page and start using it today.


Thanks for your time!


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