Let’s take a look at the #AzureAD admin experience in the new Azure portal that is now in public preview

The Azure team, for some time now, is in the process of moving to the new Azure Admin Portal, so the same happens regarding the Azure AD. Based on the customers’ feedback, we have today in public preview the so-called Azure AD admin experience.  

To check out the new experience, sign in to the new Azure portal at https://portal.azure.com as a global administrator and click on Azure Active Directory in the left navigation bar or in the More services menu. So let’s take a look at it.


For now, you have to use a Global Administrator account, but soon it will work for other roles, such as user administrators and password administrators.

The Overview blade is the first screen that you get. The “Resource Menu” on the left of the blade lets you navigate to the core Azure AD resources, while the tiles on the right give you a beautiful visual access to these features. Please note the Recommended tile: gives you access to the important features, like the Directory Sync, Self-service password reset and Company branding.

The Other capabilities gives you access to new features, like Identity Protection or PIM features. Of course you have the Quick Tasks for common management tasks.

Users and Groups
Let’s try to manage our users and groups: To try it, click the Users and groups item on the resource menu. Since I wanted to have a look to all the groups that I have created, I’ve clicked on the All groups option:


Or, you can click on the All users option and then check the properties of a user:


Another really cool feature is the ability to check your enterprise apps, but also find out information about sign-ins to every application:


and also which users have access to a specific application:


and assign users or groups to a specific application easily:


We should not forget to check the Audit Logs, about the activity related to all resources in our tenant:


Finally, let’s not forget the Company branding, that now can be configured easily. So if you want to see this every time you logon to Azure AD:


….. you have to do this:


Thanks for your time!

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