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It’s funny when we, as the final virtualization customers, get in the middle of the “virtualization war” between the competitors. Microsoft recently created a mini-site, that makes fun of VMWare and states that they are “stuck in the past” with their private cloud offering.

“You can expect to see us continue to find ways to tell our story, on our own and against our competitors, especially where there is a gap between perception and facts, using ads, tweets, video, infographics, and, we hope, more than a dash of humor.”, says a Microsoft blog post.

Microsoft already created the “GMail Man” video recently, stating that GMail reads every single mail message that comes through their systems, in order to create targeted ads (Google’s main source of income, let’s not forget that).

Take a look at the source article from Winrumors here and see the video here. Enjoy.



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